About Us

Your Needs, Our Solution with 30 years of experience, we design and implement solutions that improve efficiency, increase performance, and achieve customer success.

Our business is built around helping technology professionals - IT operations professionals, DevOps professionals and managed service providers solve today’s IT challenges. Our relationship and engagement with them give us insight and understanding we rely upon to deliver products designed to solve IT management problems the way technology professionals want them solved.

We build products designed to manage the simplest to the most complex IT environments, no matter the size of organization. Our products are both powerful and affordable and address well-understood problems in IT management. Our products are built to be powerful, extensible and scalable enough to address the complex and evolving needs of organizations of all sizes.

We pride ourselves on being people of integrity who excel at delivering results. We pursue opportunities for growth by taking products and processes to new markets, developing new products for existing markets, and continually improving across the company to ensure that our team is always there when they need us.

Leverage Exclusive Partnerships with World-Class Technology Companies

We partner with Datto, a rising star in our industry, for data protection, specifically high-performance applications that snapshot your local data, and a cloud-based application backup product that assures you never lose your data in the cloud. With our team Solutions-exclusive Datto team helps us size your appliances so you’ll have the perfect fit — and the Datto support team provides fanatical support.

When it comes to network and email protection, Barracuda offers a range of intelligent managed firewalls, essential email protection, encrypted email, and data protection products that serve our market well. Our Solutions Barracuda support team goes the extra mile each day, ensuring we have a strong defense against cyberthreats and complete data protection with accurate daily data backups.
We partner with DELL for their business-class servers, storage, and wide array of additional hardware and software components. WE work with DELL team working to expedite orders, ensure proper warranties, and resolve any questions that may arise. Our internal DELL team has each of our offices on speed dial, and we receive advance notice of sales and promotions. When an issue arises, our internal DELL team brings our issues to top-level management for quick resolution.
We partner with Microsoft for their Azure and Office365 suites, as well as SharePoint, SQL Server, and other products. We work with a corresponding Microsoft local team, collaborating on joint events. We specialize in Microsoft products because we deliver these products to every business we serve.

Keeping an IT environment running smoothly requires constant attention and the availability of a highly skilled staff. Yet, many organizations are overwhelmed by rapidly changing business demands and the ability to retain proper IT talent.

IT team USA delivers with over 30 years of award-winning managed IT services experience.

Our clients have come to know us for a sense of urgency, focus, and localized attention that have helped them grow over the years. It’s one of the many reasons our average client relationship is 15 years strong. Another reason is our exceptional advice, security, and end-to-end IT support that is provided every day to a diverse range of businesses across multiple industries.

Whether you are a small business or a larger enterprise, your network and IT infrastructure serve as the backbone of your entire business operations. The health and well-being of your IT is critical to your strategy, growth, and success.


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